Divorce brings with it many complicated questions that you and your soon-to-be-ex must figure out. One of
these is how much responsibility each parent will take for the children. This issue has many possible
solutions, but you and your spouse may not agree on which one is best for your children.

If you find yourself in this situation, rely on the child custody attorney services of Chris
McJunkin, Attorney at Law. As a child custody attorney, I know the laws surrounding child custody and will
fight hard to protect the best interests of your children.

Learn About Your Options

Because so many possible arrangements exist, child custody cases can be confusing and divisive. For
example, you and your soon-to-be-ex can share legal custody, or the right to make decisions in regards to the
children's upbringing, while only one of you has physical custody, or the right and responsibility to raise
the children in your home.

Courts can also award:

  • Joint legal and physical custody: Both of you share responsibility for raising your
    children in your home and must discuss decisions regarding their upbringing together.
  • Sole legal and sole physical custody: The children will live with only one of you, and
    only one of you can make choices for them concerning their school, health care, and other pertinent issues.
  • Split custody: Both of you get sole physical and legal custody of at least one of the

You likely have a good idea of which solution would be best for your children. I can help you gather the
evidence, file the necessary paperwork, and present your case in court. With my help, you can make sure that
your child's needs are put first.

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